What I Offer

Welcome to my website.

If you’re an indie or newbie author, looking for an editor who is committed to your book and your passion, you’ve found the right place.

I’m a writer who loves to help other people clean up their books. I’ve worked with such a variety of editors myself that I’ve learned so many tricks along the way. Most have been wonderful, but I know how difficult it can be to get through the editing process, and how it can make you want to throw your manuscript against the wall or press the delete button. I know what it’s like to feel like your own style is being chopped away by an unscrupulous editor who wants to put their own words in. I also know what it’s like to have editors who don’t pick up the mistakes in your book, which you only realize once it’s too late and it’s been sent out by the publisher.

I believe a sympathetic yet thorough editor can make a book shine and help an author feel emotionally ready to get their book out into the world. I also believe in good grammar and stories with heart. My desire is to help indie authors make their books shine even if they can’t afford expensive editing fees.

I also love to help new writers who don’t know how to get their book shipshape to send to publishers.

I’m well-experienced editing in US and UK English.

I edit creative and business work in a variety of genres including but not limited to:

  1. All romance genres of all heat levels and sexual orientations. No incest or rape allowed. (Romance is definitely my strong point.)
  2. Cozy mysteries or light mysteries / crime novels.
  3. Fantasy novels of all genres.
  4. Women’s fiction.
  5. Chicklit.
  6. Comedy.
  7. Family saga.
  8. Self-help, inspirational, or memoir.
  9. Science fiction in first or third-person point of view.
  10. Middle grade, high school, or young adult fiction.
  11. Blogs, websites, essays, articles, and short stories.
  12. Brochures, business letters, and adverts.

If I haven’t listed your genre above, please contact me anyway.

This list isn’t exhaustive and should you really wish to have me edit your book and I haven’t listed the genre, send me a sample anyway. I’m open to help you the best way I can. If I lack experience in your particular genre, I’ll give you a reduced rate.

I do not edit books that contain discrimination of any kind whether racial, sexual orientation, religious, or gender. I don’t edit anything that encourages fat-shaming or eating disorders and especially body shaming or discrimination against fat people. If the eating disorder is acknowledged as a problem, that’s all right. I also don’t edit books containing defamation or strong political views or books containing gratuitous rape, incest, or gratuitous violence. Neither do I edit books that encourage or glorify any type of human rights violation. If the romance is based on cheating or adultery, I prefer not to edit it, unless it is strongly discouraged in the story.

I love to help new authors who are taking that step with their first book. Although I do charge a bit more for first-time authors, I love mentoring them in their passion and helping them get their book into a beautiful state.

This is how it works:

You send me the first ten pages of your book and I do a sample edit for you for free. If you think we’re a good fit, we can sign a contract and have a wonderful time making your book shine.